Monday, November 18, 2013

the fast food franchise

Mc Donalds , one of the fast food franchise biggest in the world's 

Franchising is currently dominated by franchise fast food establishments . This trend began in 1919 when A & W Root Beer restaurant opens his fast . In 1935 , Howard Deering Johnson in collaboration with Reginald Sprague to monopolize modern restaurant business . Their idea is to allow them to self- associate using the same name , food , supplies , logo and even building design in exchange for a payment .

 During its development , business systems is undergoing various improvements , especially in the l950 's which later became known as the franchise business format (business format ) or sometimes referred to as the second generation of the franchise . Development of the franchise system so rapidly , especially in his home country , the U.S. , causing popular franchise as a business system in various fields of business , reaching 35 percent of total existing retail businesses in the U.S. .

 While in England , the development of the franchise pioneered by J. Wimpy Lyons through his efforts and the Golden Egg , the '60s .

Sunday, November 17, 2013

franchise......the produst or services

franchising are the rights to sell a product or service . 

Meanwhile, according to some experts, is the franchise is engagement where one party is given the right to utilize and or use of the intellectual property rights of any party with a reward based on the requirements set by the other party or in the provision and sale of goods and services.

Meanwhile, according to the Franchise Association, which is a franchise are:
A system of distributing goods or services to end customers, where the brand owner (franchisor) gives rights to individuals or companies to conduct business with the brand, name, systems, procedures and ways set out in this period of time covering a particular area.